Saturday, February 6, 2010


Three new posts- quite a feat for me these days. I was going to try to organize them in the proper order but how uptight must one be? Read on and thanks for popping by! More to follow...


Meet Bella.

Sweet, smelly Bella joined our bustling household in November on the heels of my 40th birthday. Lord only knows why I just "had" to have a third dog to love but after much prodding the prince agreed. But only to a Basset Hound.

After searching the local basset rescues I came upon Bell. She'd been up for adoption for more than a year. My homely little girl. It was love at first sight.

Bell is a full bred Basset Hound. Maybe even an inbred one. Her eye lids are too droopy, she hobbles as she walks since her right front paw doesn't work properly. She's lost a toe. But her ears curl up on the end as if she is bearing a darling doo.

Most of all~ she's everyone's best friend.

Even when she eats your homework.

And boots you out of bed.

Missed You

I have so much to say and such little time to say it but I am hoping to reconnect with you straight away by blogging some updates.

I trust many of you have caught up with the happenings here at Wilkinson Manor via my Facebook status updates or our holiday letter but as I've said before "Smile Lines" acts as a journal entry of sorts for my girls to read one day so here goes!
Nice to see you again by the way. My Smile Lines have grown deeper in our few months apart. Which is a very good thing.

Latest post is the entry below

Four Decades of Me

Celebrating my 40th birthday was a month long party. I reveled in each moment.

The festivities started back in October--in Los Angeles.

Four Seasons Westlake Village, October 2010

The prince surprised me with a trip to the Four Seasons Westlake Village--a combo 12th wedding anniversary (10/11/97) and a magical birthday treat. We relaxed poolside, soaked in the sunshine, drank fruity cocktails, missed the girls, appreciated our dear friends, Carrie & Darren, for caring for our babies, counted our blessings and I managed to convince Eric to let me have a third dog. More about Bella later.

The morning of the official birthdate my three loves presented me with a handmade book, "Forty ways to Love Your Mother" complete with pictures of me over the years and captions that the girls crafted. To say I was moved to tears is an understatement.
The girls headed off to school, the prince to work and I loaded up the mama minivan for a slumber party with some of my besties.
The LaConner Channel Lodge less than two hours north of Wilkinson Manor along the waterfront was the quintessential setting to chat endlessly, giggle late night, swap silly stories and our deepest secrets. We vowed it to be an annual gig.
The all too short excursion ended on a fabulous note as I was welcomed home to a houseful of love and another fab party next door @ Carrie & Darren's! 
Yes, that is ME on her shirt! They pulled out all the stops and coordinated quite a fete! Carrie and the prince designed t-shirts for us all! Check out my fave fans!
Yummy food, tasty drinks, warm hearts, and Eric on the guitar. Another surprise gift that left me speechless. Together with the girls he wrote a song to accompany the darling book they made, "Forty Ways to Love Your Mother". Silly, sweet, pure Eric--the vocals alone will keep me smitten for life.
Here is a shot of Audrey and me looking matching tiaras, of course!

The gifts that were given were so well received. My heart was touched with each ring of the doorbell for weeks and weeks. Personalized M & M's in pink and green (darling!), a dozen microbrews from around the country, peppermint cocoa and cocktail mixes, vintage shot glasses, funky pint glasses, a copy of my blog over the year, jewelry, soy candles, autographed books, a leather journal, Starbucks cards, bouquets, and more!

And then-- another soiree was held in my honor!
This time at the swanky Arctic Club in downtown Seattle. Some of God's greatest people were there to celebrate ME. I had the time of my life. I was the one in the flashy shirt acting at if I was 21. Here are some snapshots of the night.

Words cannot explain how blessed I am. I have never been happier.
To four more decades..and beyond!