Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Decade of Bliss~ August 25

Oh my, Liv Love. Ten Years of You. I tell you this every year (and many times in between)--your entrance into this world is the greatest thing I have known. I never loved so fiercely until I met you. Fun, energetic, silly, dramatic, wildly talented, piano playing, singing, cart wheeling, music loving, texting, emailing, acting, bright, beautiful, loving--- you. You, my firstborn, whom we hold far too many expectations of and so, so  many dreams for. You arrived in our world on the date that was predicted and you have occupied my brain and my heart and my life beyond words since the minute we met. There are so many days that I stand in awe of you. You're a fabulous friend, you're incredibly honest, you're brave beyond measure, you light up a room, you own the stage,  you smile bright & big & often. I love your freckles and your eyes and your seven mile stare when you grow tired.  (kind of like you were doing here at your bday party)

Celebrating you on your tenth birthday was pure joy.  

 We celebrated in style--LIMO!

We had your favorite Jones soda flavors and colors (blue bubble gum and green apple) and your darling face was on each bottle! We also had m & m's created especially for you. They read Happy 10th &  Olivia Rocks!

We played games

And after picking up all your party pals, we stopped by Coldstone Creamery for treats!

Then it was off to the hotel suite for a night of swimming, pizzas, movies and a slumber party!

Your actual birthdate came a couple days later. The day started off with a TV shoot at Brighton School. You are a star, Livvie!

Then a quick stop @ Starbucks!


A fun filled day at Extreme Adventure Camp (roller coaster rides at the fair!)

grown-up kid birthday gifts

and a change of a lifetime--pierced ears. so, so brave.

and beautiful.

may your every wish come true, my bliss.
Olivia Bliss Wilkinson~ August 25.2000

Saturday, October 30, 2010

on my mind

I know I should spare you the story of how I miss blogging, how Facebook has stolen its thunder, how I have many things I want to say each day but cannot find the time to blog, how I am so incredibly buried each fall season, how I want to lose weight, how I wish I had less on my plate (yet have no desire to say No to all the great offers), and on and on. I know I should spare you because you have already heard it all. from me. often.

So now that I have expressed it all (once again) I will attempt to reconnect.

My dear friend/neighbor/colleague, Carrie, spoiled me the past couple of years with Blog Books (two of them each year in fact~ one for each of my girls). The records of my blogs are something I cherish. I know they will, too. I cannot thank her enough.

As my birthday nears, I knew I needed to steal some time to blog since I have pressured her to make one (or two!) for me again this year. I have dedicated the greater part of the day to blogging (sitting on the floor at the girls Annie rehearsal for 3 hours this morning) and then for the past several hours from a living room chair where I've been stationed after I threw out my back this afternoon.

After pulling pictures and posting about all the memories of the past few months (not nearly done recapping yet either) I thought I best pause and blog about what's really on my mind.

  • I miss my gram more than words. I think of her all the time.
  • I love everything about Brighton School and many, many days I really wish I could just devote my time to the girls and their school.
  • I feel bad that my sweet mama broke her foot and I have not had time to communicate with her much across the miles.
  • I wish I gave my husband more time at the end of each day.
  • I want to bake more.
  • Iwould like the time and energy to make more homecooked meals.
  • I think an hour walk each day would be bliss.
  • I miss nursing my babies and having them fall asleep in my arms.
  • I am so grateful Audrey's cheeks and hands still feel like those of a little girl's.
  • I love that Olivia still wants me to get under the covers with her at bedtime & that she tells me all of her secrets.
  • Eric's sweet text messages make me so happy so much so that I will never take those sweet sentiments for granted.
  • I wish my brother and I ended our phonetag game recently and actually did connect.
  • I cannot wait for Christmas morning with my family~ parents, brothers, nieces, the works. love.
  • I need to make a Thanksgiving plan and think that the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade, a walk, and a turkey here at home waiting for Eric after he gets off work sounds just right. If time allows I will make the turkey--if not, PCC market will!
  • I love watching the girls evening Annie rehearsals (3x a week for 3 hrs. at a time for months). The scene relaxes me. And makes me feel so proud.
  • I want to help my husband figure out his mother's care as she ages.
  • I think blogging daily (short & sweet) just like simple Facebook status updates sounds manageable at this stage of my life. I could post a picture a day as my friend, Carrie, suggests.
I think this shot would be a good one to begin with. This is the view from my chair right now. And it's beautiful.

Snippets of Summer from Wilkinson Manor


Silly Sleepy Heads

Annual Beer Fest
Bell Chills

 Northridge Swim Club

Hands Across the Sand - a group opposed to offshore drilling
Played tourists in our own town

Ice cream ferry boat ride

 Seasonal delights
Berries from our bushes
Fabulous family visits

Fourth of July Fun

with friends!

Sunsets on the deck

And we savored all the sweetness of summertime