Sunday, August 4, 2013

olivia bliss. august 4.

we were taking selfies before taking selfies was the thing to do


post four. nearing thirteen

olivia bliss. august 3.

Back when sharing was for the birds & you had just a little passion for playing dress up.

post three. nearing 13.

Friday, August 2, 2013

olivia bliss. august 2.

you've always been our stargazing dreamer, Olivia.

you were just two years old when you decided you wanted to be Jane Banks from the Mary Poppins movie.

"Mary Poppins taught us the most wonderful word!"

in the words of Jane and Michael Banks
you're supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. oxoxo.

post two. nearing thirteen.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

olivia bliss. august 1.

thirteen augusts ago i only dreamed of the happiness you'd bring to our world, olivia. as your milestone birthday nears i thought i'd try to post a thought or memory a day about you, beautiful bliss. you are my joy. and you can see by this silly poem below your parents have never been entirely appropriate. lucky you...

olive is quite small right now
fribble is so too
here's a mother's day poem from all of us to you
you take care of this crazy house
although it is quite stressful
we know it can't be easy moving
since now you're quite a dressful
but you do it all with grace
and pull it off with ease
your only request you ask of us
is "another milkshake, please!"
so we toast you on this mother's day
with belly's full of cheer
but maybe we should wait a few more months
when you can have a beer

~mother's day poem, 2000 (accompanied by a pacifier charm for my charm bracelet eric gave me years before during our engagement)

post one. nearing thirteen.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Pal Al.

Sweet little Alice the dog left our world on September 6.

My heart has not been quite the same since. I loved her madly. The little miss came to us as a stray from the pound  nearly five years ago suffering from breast cancer. Four breast surgeries and a heart murmur later her time for peace had simply come.

I miss her each and every day.

Her giant brown eyes (compared to her squat little body) were always on me. She greeted me outside the shower each morning, laid in my closet as I dressed, sat either on my lap or at my feet on my purse as I worked and all the while she would look up to me starry eyed.

I called her my best friend as I could do no wrong in her eyes despite my many flaws.  She was always by my side --or on my lap.

A girlfriend of mine told me after she passed that while it seems so unfair for our pets to be taken from us that it just means that it was their time to go to make room for the many others out there that must need our hearts and homes, too.

Thank you, Al Bell Boo, for all the happiness you gave me and for making it feel as if I hung the moon.

You will live on in my heart. always.