Sunday, March 21, 2010


This silly shot made my heart smile just now.

Their attire, the expressions...

Olivia + Audrey = magic


Since they say pictures are worth a thousand words I thought I'd upload a few of the latest ones that I just dowloaded from my iPhone and let them speak for themselves (with maybe some short captions)~ enjoy! More to come...

my new cruiser --this was the first trip! rode up to the hardware store and market
vases and tags for the Brighton School Hospitality Committee which I launched this year. i LOVE Brighton!
these dogs make my heart sing. smitten.

Spartan Fans
Flowers from my client due to a rough day on the playground--so thoughtful!

Abigail Adams Book Report

Beach Girls~spent an overnight on Camano Island together
Cleaning her beach treasures
Olivia Bliss working on her Knowledge Night invention

Olivia on her 4th grade field trip to the Olympic National Forest~ her papa was a chaperone on the 3 day trek
Oh, my darlings!

Go Olivia~ cheerleading clinic, Feb 2010
Pop Star~ Disney Studio Makeover, Jan 2010

All for now!


Hello dear ones--I have sure missed you. Appears I blog most when I have drama in my days but lately things have been relatively calm. Or maybe I have simply been too swamped but I sure have been missing it. And you. Not much to report on as of late as most all my daily happenings make it on to Facebook and Twitter but here's an update for those of you not obsessed with Social Media like so many of us.

Life at The Manor is wonderful. Michigan State has made it into the Sweet Sixteen hoops tourney so the prince is elated. He told me today (again) that he despises being called the prince. I probably should stop doing it then. bummer. Not sure of his reasoning--does he not think he lives up to the title or does he think it is simply too cheesy? Either way--guess I should respect his wishes. He also doesn't really like to be called E either. The man ain't simple...and I am the queen of the nickname(s). Especially since I have been calling him that particular nickname for nearly 19 years now!

Olivia and Audrey are great. Speaking of nicknames Liv recently asked to be referred to as Olive. I told the kids on the playground, in the neighborhood, and at Sunday school and they were all onboard--she is now not sure she's keen on the nickname. She ain't so simple herself. But, she has been a dream. For at least 5 days now. Seriously. After some drama over her Knowledge Night project between her and E/the prince/ my husband...Eric the other day all is improving.

Tucking her in the other evening she told me (again) of her hopes to be an actress. I had taken her and her dear friend, Jewel (or is it Juliette? She waffles on the nickname thing, too!)  to see Alice in Wonderland and the darling child actor at the start of the film sparked Liv's desire again to act. I explained to her how kids that become stars are wonderful listeners, the ones that light up a room, the true leaders and rule followers. Oh my did I pour it on --and how untrue really-- but it worked!

Her attitude has been the stuff of proper behavior books for tweens. She dutifully does her chores, tends to her sister, follows our suggestions and takes direction well. My Olivia Bliss is bringing me bliss!

Because things can never be that perfect--Audrey E. is a bit of a handful. Not over the top but certainly pushing her limits. She apparently experienced heartbreak on the playground (a couple of the boys said they hated her which devastated her) so that led to some drama. They had a class conference and all is well now...She also got to have a sleepover with her BFF, Lily, which made her feel sixteen and sassy so we had to reintroduce her to life as a 6 year old.

Right at this very moment life seems to be flowing along beautifully. Dogs are asleep, kids are reading, Eric is driving around chatting with his mom like he does every Sunday evening--but truth be told--I am dreading feeding these dear souls. I love to eat (clearly) and I don't really mind cooking but I always feel like there is so much other stuff to get done that it is not joyful as it is simply ONE MORE THING on my plate.

I so wish someone could make dinner for us nightly, balance my checkbooks, schedule the kids summer camps, book vacations (love to take them, not interested in researching them), draft new client proposals and most of all--do my hair every day. And if there could always be one dear friend at the ready and an extra hour and a half in each day for me to walk with them--life would be truly grand.

And yes, this is really what little want I have in my life. Clearly, I am one blessed girl. With that I will count my blessings and go reheat some leftovers for Olive, Audrey girl, and the prince. ;)