Monday, May 24, 2010

Until We Meet Again

My loving grandmother passed away at the end of March. Mere days from her 95th birthday. She was one of the brightest lights in my life. My heart is a different one because she resided in it and helped mold it since the day we met. I miss her more than words can say and yet I am totally at peace with her passing. I miss her voice, her wisdom, the way she so, so deeply supported and loved me. No matter what. I keep her number in my phone--the same one she has had since I can recall--her wedding photo on my dresser, and her example of how to treat and love the world always in my heart.

Below is what I read at her funeral.

“Sweetest person I know”, “true friend”, “beloved mother”, “wonderful neighbor”, “patient wife”, “dear sister “the grandmother people only dream about”—these are but a few of the ways my gram has been described.

My 6 year old daughter, Audrey, once described her great grandmother as “one of God’s angels on earth”. And, I do know that Audrey was not the first to say it.

Wow--what a gap her passing leaves. Yet what a legacy she has left behind.

A few years back I sent her a Valentine as I wanted her to know exactly how I felt about her. I will share it with you now.

My dearest grammie~

I wanted to write to you today to thank you for the endless generosity, courage, and support you have bestowed upon me and shown me over the years.

You are the first to encourage my mothering capabilities when I feel helpless and hopeless. You remind me of the thank you notes I have taught my girls to write and the many baking projects I tackle with them.

You inspire me to follow my professional dreams. You earned a degree in nutrition at a time when other females did not always graduate high school.

You always put others first. Your “birthday book” is so chock full of people that you remember monthly that finding room to add new babies born into the family is a challenge!

I love to remember my childhood days with you. Baking chocolate chip cookies, your renowned Boston baked beans, goodie bags for the drive home from your house, bus visits from college, full breakfasts (complete with eggs, bacon, half grapefruit (pre-sliced, of course!) and always a warm, loving greeting.

Your voice on the other end of the phone makes me miss you so. “Hi Katie, It’s only me gram.” Only me you say…There really is only one you, Grammie. One fabulous you.

I love how genuine you are when you sign off each call with, “God bless you.” I have adopted it as my salutation as well, hoping to make others feel as special as you make me feel.

Loved. Blessed. Grateful. This is how I describe my life, because I know you.

When I told my girls of gram’s passing on Wednesday I spoke about how she was at peace and not suffering at all. “But now I am,” said Audrey. I went on, “She no longer misses so many loved ones since they’re now reunited she doesn’t miss her parents, her sister, and grandpa anymore”. “But I miss her” Audrey retorted.

“I know. I do, too.” I told her. And then I paused and Audrey filled in the silence, “I guess God was just ready to have his angel back,” she said.

I guess so.

God bless you, Grammie.


Olivia Bliss is tackling tweendom with force. She is experiencing all the twists & turns and learning a bit of biology, psychology, and coping skills along the way. I am honored to be her mother as she traverses this new frontier. And I am thrilled she is bringing me along for the ride. We spend many an evening chatting about "what the heck is happening" to her.

For the most part she is a happy 9 year old.

She is blossoming by making new friends at Brighton School

and cherishing her older ones

her kid sis remains her biggest fan

Liv definitely keeps me laughing--and guessing--and aging -- and most of all --deeply, deeply loving her. All at once.

Pink Polka Dots & Pure Joy

Tidying Audrey's room today I smiled as I pulled up her pink polka dot sheets, flung back her pink velvet curtains, primped the pink pillows and celebrated her sweet pink self. She came out a pink bundle of goodness and remains one with each heartbeat. Audrey makes my heart sing. We always referred to her as "jolly" when she was a babe and she is as jolly today as ever.

~She is a lover of life~

here she is enjoying a peanut butter cup. she happily hums when she eats

~of learning~

here she is after her insect report on butterflies. she wore butterfly wings, a butterfly dress, and even had butterflies on her shoes. and she passed out butterfly cookies, of course

~of sweets~

here she is making sure she gets the last drop of her ice cold milk after enjoying a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie

~of stories~

"and finally--he should be cute"~ here she is rattling off the proper traits of a husband as she frosted cupcakes for teacher appreciation day

~of treasures~

here she is embracing a childhood doll of my mum's (handmade by her great, great gradmother) which recently arrived in a box of heirlooms

~of exploring~
here she is after clamming, gathering mussels, and scouring the sand for shells & sea glass at her friend's beach house

~and me~

mother's day 2010