Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sweet Hearts

Audrey ran past the doorway while I was chatting with Olivia in her bed this evening and caught my eye. I gave her a big smile. She stopped short in her tracks and ran into my arms.

"I have something to tell you, Mama. I think it all the time. 'I love the way you make me smile'."

She then rushed off to enjoy bedtime tales and snugs with Eric as Liv and I resumed our time together.

Moments later it's lights out and Olivia sleepily says into my shoulder as we're hugging, "I know you love me more every second and you will never ever stop. I love knowing it."

How deeply loved they are. And so am I.

Not So Fast

As I go about my days I am constantly reminded how much I truly adore my girls. I snapped some pics over the past few days of the things I will miss more than words as they grow.

The way Audrey tucks her her dolls and stuffed animals in for naptime when she leaves for school

Helping Audrey record interesting facts and gathering autographs in her "Book About Me"--234 steps from our mailbox to the nearest store, asking the girl at the market bakery to sign her book, popping by the fire station for an autograph from a fireman...

finding that they've put one of their bears in a time out
always giving Audrey a big, warm kiss on her freckled nose after I towel dry her hair
mags and cocoas

Friday, May 1, 2009

Pill Popping

I am a supplement store owner's dream. I recently started giving them far too much money each month to try to maintain my health (or improve it)...I started with multi-vitamins (raw veggie pills--four a day), Cod Liver Oil, Brevail (apparently for optimum breast health), and magnesium to help stave off migraines. After one month those pills ran out and I headed back in to reload. This visit I added on Migrelief (sp?) for migraines (gotten two in the past two months and hadn't had one since Oct). They debilitate me and scare the heck out of the whole family...

Last Sat. night Eric and 6 other wonderful husbands surprised their wives with a private dinner, delicious wines, roses, chocolates, and a magical night of romance--quaint restaurant, fireplace, candles...lovely. I was literally shaking like a leaf. Yes, I was moved by the surprise gesture but I truly had the shakes. My hands, lips, dear friends mouthed across the table to me a couple times, 'You OK?" I calmly nodded..

Eric mentioned on the ride home maybe it was my pills. "But they're holistic and natural and just what I need" (so they say). I argued.

I have been incredibly edgy and nervous and paranoid about my health again--anxiety ridden and not at all like I have been for a couple years now when I finally grew calmer and for the most part able to keep things in perspective.

Well, I am back to the calmer, gentler me. I hope. At least for NOW.

I spoke to one of the employees at the supplement store who mentioned it may be the Brevail (breast pill) causing the migraines and bitchiness although it allegedly staves OFF PMS--apparently not for me! and it could be the Migrelief (contains Feverfew) causing the anxiety. So here I sit--strictly on multi-vitamins, cod liver oil, magensium and Vitamin B (hopefully they'll work on the migraines without the Feverfew) and I don't have an anxious thought in my head. So nice...and again, for now.

Or it could be that the sun is out and Eric drove by me as I was leaving the neighborhood on a walk and he sent me this text, "U R a 1 woman neighborhood beautification project"...

Truth be told it really is a comment (or a knock) about our neighborhood much more than it is a compliment to me but, I'll take it!