Thursday, August 19, 2010

Loves Me

We meet again. Two months to the date since my last post. And once again, my plate is brimming. It is a huge blessing but whoa, here I go again.  After tucking the girls in after tidying the kitchen, gathering their drama costumes for tomorrow's camp performance, grabbing my workout clothes for my walk after a morning TV shoot I paused to feed the dogs and thought--I am so, so busy but I am keeping it together --so what's next? Seriously. I thought just like that--what's next? Now. And then I thought--I better blog. I have neglected blogging.

Liv's 10th birthday is all planned, media follow-ups have gone out for an 800 person plus conference next weekend,  prospective client proposals done, booked a landscaper to come check out the school grounds, researched and pulled images for an ad for the school (can you tell I adore all things Brighton School?), balanced checkbooks and I even walked the dogs today. Twice. This on the heels of Eric announcing he thinks Bella the basset is depressed since we do not spend enough time with her. Seriously.

So I then realized I am simply crazy. I had one moment of thinking, "This is great. I am not stressing and all is flowing nicely" and as I did I realized I best fill the next moments with more productivity. So here I am--blogging.

But before I jumped online Liv asked me to sing her a song. So I did. And then Audrey begged for me to stay in her bed longer so we held hands and then laid with our arms around eachother's necks and she whispered, "You're the best." And since I thrive on being wanted I slipped back in to Liv's room and sang her two more songs --just because. And as I was leaving Eric pulled in the drive from a very, very late night of work and Livvie said, "Yay--daddy's home. You guys are the best."

I know I am not "the best" at anything. But I am wanted. And loved. And oh, so grateful.