Sunday, November 4, 2012


Audrey E woke yesterday with a sleepy smile as she was heading to a matinee of Disney Princesses on Ice and she was elated. She had her fancy dress and mittens and hair bow all picked out the night before and was bursting at the seams to get the day started.

She was invited by the new girl in class that I mentioned in a prior post. Because they had a tenuous start to their friendship, I was so pleased Audrey said yes to the invitation--she jumped at the chance, in fact.

So yesterday as I kissed her sweet cheeks (I could still eat my kids up as they wake and stretch in the morning) and she threw her arms around my neck (which will always be one of the greatest feelings of all time) she told me she had a special request.

"May I give Mia my Kit American Girl doll? She is such a sweet girl and I want her to know I appreciate her."

"Kit is her favorite and it is a dream of hers to have an American Girl doll." she went on.

We talked about how Audrey's Meme gives her grandchildren their choice of American Girl dolls when they turn 7 and how we hope Audrey's daughter and granddaughters will one day play with them so that perhaps it was not the right thing to give away. Audrey was the one that pointed all of that out as I knew she was torn by wanting to keep and treasure her doll but wanting to show her new friend how grateful she was to her for being so kind.

So we compromised- we headed to Barnes & Noble and got a mini American Girl doll and an American Girl craft book as Mia and her aunt love to do crafts together. 

Both little sweets were thrilled. 

Surely goodness & mercy will follow them all of their days...

Audrey & Mia on Halloween